Jay-Z Namechecks Notorious D.C. Gangster on New Album

imgresJay-Z’s new album dropped last week and critic Chris Richards notes in today’s Washington Post review of “Magna Carta … Holy Grail” that Hova goes local with a reference in one track.

On a track called “Tom Ford” (as in the clothing designer), the rapper namechecks notorious D.C. gangster Wayne “Silk” Perry. It’s a reference to the hitman who terrorized the city two decades ago and earned a reputation as “the Michael Jordan of the murder game” from Don Diva magazine.

Here’s Jay-Z’s take:

Hands down got the best flow, sound I’m so special
Sound boy burial, this my Wayne Perry flow
Y’all know nothing about Wayne Perry though
District of Columbia, guns on y’all Tumblrs

So let’s prove Jay-Z wrong and learn about Perry.

Born on L Street in Southwest D.C. in 1962, Perry robbed a bank at age 16 while also attending Woodrow Wilson High School. He got kicked out and headed to Randall High School. He would later brag to Don Diva that he’d beaten the baseball coach with a bat at practice, bringing an abrupt end to his time in D.C. Public Schools.

In 1989, he joined forces with a D.C. drug lord by the name of Alberto ‘Alpo’ Martinez, whom he would serve as a merciless hitman. In the years that immediately followed, Perry and Martinez unleashed hell on the streets of Southwest D.C. while pushing cocaine for the Martinez Organization, a drug ring hammering D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New York.

wperry1-288x300As 1992 came to a close, law enforcement nabbed Perry on a charge of selling an illegal substance. Then they added a murder charge, for the killing of Garrett “Gary” Terrell the year before.

The feds nailed Perry and two co-defendants with a 27-count indictment, including eight homicides in which Perry was specifically named. Despite announcing their intention to seek the death penalty in a 1993 trial, Perry avoided becoming D.C.’s first death penalty case since 1971. Before the case went to trial, he cut a plea, copping to five murders and receiving five consecutive life sentences and an additional five years of probation, for good measure.

His admitted victims were Domenico Benson, Yolanda Burley, Evelyn Carter, Alveta Hopkins and Terrell.

He’s currently in prison in Colorado and has changed his name to Nkosi Shaka Zulu El. Guess that new name was too much of a mouthful for Jay-Z.



  1. I’m sorry, but JayZ is relevant, how?

    • doctormagic says:

      Something having to do with money, perhaps.

    • Well, he has The President’s ear. So there’s that.

    • It’s relevant, because Jay-Z, according to Obama “is on his IPAD” and the fact that Jay-Z is a regular visitor to the White House. Is it relevant that Obama listens to someone that glorifies a serial killer? Is it relevant that the Obama Administration granted a special cultural visa to Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, despite the fact that there was no cultural exchange, just smokin cigars and chillin? I think so!

  2. This makes perfect sense. He’s a Luciferian…no seriously. He worships Satan.

    • aslymansaid says:

      Well yes that is true for both he and his wife. But he’s also a Democrat and friend to the administration so that makes it “okay.”

      You’ve got to understand that we’re living in a new age. The political and judicial processes have been subverted so there will be no end to the absurdities we’ll encounter.

      My advise is to hold on to those close to you. It’s going to be a wild ride and there’s no guarantee that our society will right itself. Sorry.

  3. Why is this even on DRUDGE…Who cares ?

  4. satan’s helper

  5. What do you expect from a nation of parasitic blood sucking cannibals?

  6. tecate52 says:

    Don’t Trayvon me, jay-z! The son Obama wishes he had.

  7. Excuse me but who is Jay-Z ??

  8. I suppose it would be too much to ask a leading model for the “black culture” to glorify supportive fathers or community leaders, instead of murdering thugs??

  9. DROUGE why you spend space for this kind of garbage, he’s the main beneficiary with free propaganda.

  10. Jay-Z has got to be the most overrated living rapper (Tupac is the most overrated dead rapper, in case you were wondering). but that’s beside the point. he is a FOO (friend of the Obamas) so he can do whatever he wants: rap about murderers, use the n-word, or be married to someone who tweeted “Take that, Mittches” on election nite after Obama won. Jay-Z and Beyonce are as classless as their pals Barack and Michelle.

  11. phocusplease says:

    Proof of the mind numbed product turned out by union lead public schools today. Bottom feeders are glorified. Winners are losers. Hard to deal with stupid.

  12. dope smoking rapper hahahahaha loser

  13. Who cares? Jay-Z is a sub-human degenerate.

  14. I wish I could stop reading the news and seeing Jay-Z’s or Beyoncé’s names … who are they really? I can’t understand why people are so fascinated with them – they are media whores, looking for attention at all times. (Side note – remember when Beyoncé first came out and was a “Christian”???) Pfffft.

  15. Paula Deen lost her contracts with Walmart for using the’N’ word. This pathetic punk of a person uses the ‘N’ word in almost every song yet still has contracts with all of the major retail outlets. Start a petition to ban his ‘music’ (if you can call it that) at all major retail locations. I bet that punk would change his ways when whitey turns off the money faucet.

  16. More typical “role models” from America’s dysfunctional Africa Core; they shout down Bill Cosby. Can you imagine the cries of “Uncle Tom” hurled at Dr. King by today’s rap-thug “culture”? The mocking laughter as garishly bejeweled “gangstas” call him vile names?

    When LBJ began the Great Society it was America’s watershed moment of continual decline. The “new” Democrat party has embraced it and the media and public (re-)education system ensure its unquestioned success.

    A lot more than a youthful president died in Dallas that November day in 1963.

  17. Who cares about this Degenerate exploiter of our society. Who Put out this trash anyaway.

  18. Wow. Just the fact that you posted this article shows you don’t understand the metaphor, which is pretty sad. Reading the comments here is just depressing. Racists.

  19. Is there now any doubt as to why our young people make poor choices?

  20. Jay-Z: Please Do not use pictures of our great western art works on your album covers or any of your degenerate work. You do not deserve to use it, as you are a shame to the western world and have only helped to weaken once great western culture with your pre-civilized culture and ethic.

  21. Looks like three of the hit man’s victims were women. Sounds like a real tough guy.

  22. More Drudge race-bating.

  23. iambicpentamaster says:

    Who’s Jay-Z again?

  24. So much for MLK, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Thurgood Marshall, etc.,. JayZ is obviously of a degenerate character, questionable morals, ethics of a sewer rat and all an around sleaze.

  25. Jay-Z is a con artist. Just like his wife. What the hell have they done for the black community. ZERO!!!!

  26. I am a Black man. I have about as much respect for the Jayz’s of the world as I have for Obama. As many young Black kid you have dying in the streets has has to keep producing this trash?

  27. I find it disturbing that the president of the united states would openly associate with somebody that writes this type of music.

  28. The glorification of gangsta rap has been a major factor in the dumbing down and the massive decline of American society. When the degenerate vultures in Hollywood realized that this crack cocaine for the mind could sell by exploiting teens naturally rebellious spirit and shock value addiction, it was all over. Now extreme sexual and violent vulgarity and depravity has been commercialized and even sanctified by the pop culture power structure, and what do these parasites care about the revolting milieu children now must inhabit? Apparently nothing.

  29. oldinmcgroin says:

    A Jay-Z “song”? Really? A “Song”? Every time I sit on the pooper, I don’t call the result a “song”.

  30. JZ is nothing more than a thug who figured out how to make money being a thug.

  31. I used to really like rap and I still listen to some every once in awhile, but I NEVER understood the appeal of Jay-Z. I honestly think you have to be brainwashed to truly like Jay-Z. There’s nothing even slightly special about him or his music. I guess if you sell your soul to the devil you can be successful no matter how horrible your “music” and “flow” are.

  32. I feel sorry for you all who think he’s great the Rap culture is the CULTURE of Sociopath’s nothing but HATE HATE HATE and zero soul

  33. So Paula Deen is crucified for something she said, but this thug gets a free pass. That’s our society for ya.

  34. The glorification of thugs is common in Prohibition eras. In a different age it was Italians.

  35. Go to jail for life for murder – become a Muslim and have J-zee honor you in a song- cause dats what sells to jzee’s and Obama crew.

  36. Jay Z is a fascist thug who is in bed with THE most corrupt Russian mobster, the thug owner of the NETS.The man who decries his early days on State Street, in Brooklyn, had NOOO problem having the poor people who were living in the low-income housing on Atlantic Ave. displaced for his SHITTY Barclay Center. Patooooooiii on this Castro ass kisser and his posse of intellectually bankrupt slags.

  37. I’m sorry. Who is this “Jay Z” fellow?

  38. A sound boy burial is when two reggae dj’s battle – one wins by playing a song people love – one loses ‘the burial’ by playing a song people don’t like. Jay-z is linking this to a ‘wayne perry’ type of killing. It’s a convoluted way of saying that Jay Z is a superior rapper to other rappers.

    Rap + movies such as Heat or The Godfather are equal forms of entertainment.

  39. “Music” (you should excuse the expression) made by ignoramus glowering thugs to be played by ignoramus glowering thugs. Not exactly news is it?

  40. Jay Z is an affluent idiot.

  41. Every time I see an article about him there’s always a comment about how his wife Beyonce is pulling a Michael Jackson and altering her appearance to somehow look whiter. They recently had an article where they showed side-by-side pictures of the woman and it really is startling – it isn’t just that her skin and hair is lighter. She’s done something to her face altogether so that, like Michael, she really does look different. Anyway the more people complain about her appearance the more “street” he tries to be. It’s odd.

  42. At least we know Jay-z was keeping up with new stories in the 90s



  44. Someone asked why is this story relevant…Because the story of Rayful Edmund and Wayne Perry are just as apart of Washington as Al Capone and John Gotti are to Chicago and New York. Only difference is these guys were black. Before “Gentrification” and “Eminent Domain” sucked the culture out of this city, those guys ran the underworld of DC..not WASHINGTON, but DC. There is a difference. I am a young Black Male and I do not agree with all of Jay Z’s views but I do admire the fact that he survived the social ills of the “Reagan Era” and the crack filled streets of Urban America in the late 80’s early 90’s. If your white and your new to this city I am pretty sure you reside in these same neighborhoods that were once ran by Wayne Perry Rayful Edmund, Mike Fray, and Tony Lewis . So you dont have to agree with Jay Z’s views or even like his music. But do not pass this story as rhetoric with no relevance to “D.C. Crime Stories”.

  45. very very cool fact to know. i love when i can finally put a connection between them. great post by the way!

  46. You really got alot wrong about Wayne Perry from D.O.B., were he was born,street, the fact the dope him up, locked up his mom(my aunt), then force him into a plea, and he didnt do anything wrong in southwest DC.

  47. I assume this post was for bigots who detest rap and hip-hop? The comments questioning Jay Z’s relevance (for the past 16 years) in a genre over run with soon-to-be-forgotten acts clearly come from the uninformed. Most of these comments, in addition to being ignorant and laced with racial undertones, have nothing to do with the analogy so eloquently delivered by Jay Z.

    This rap you quote is Jay Z boasting that his rhymes are so vicious that he is burying/killing rappers in the game, much like Silk Perry was killing gangsters during his heyday. That’s an analogy. Similar tools have been used by wordsmiths, poets, and lyricists since Shakespeare. Only time bigots seems to have a problem with it is when the artist is Brown or Black.

    I would like to highlight @Robert J Dow who commented earlier. “…become a Muslim and have J-zee honor you in a song- cause dats what sells to jzee’s and Obama crew.”

    Wow! You sir have managed to insult Muslims,the President of the United States, and Black Americans. You are exactly what’s worng with this country and represent the type of thinking that ensures mankind will NEVER evolve to the next level.

    Must you racist neanderthals turn every forum into a pdium from which to spew your vapid vitriol?

    For the bigots who may read this let me inform you now. I am Black. Not a thug. Earned a doctorate. I have more brain power than you will EVER possess. I am a better person than you will ever be.

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