Crime History, Dec. 4, 1933: Chicago mobster framed, arrested for kidnapping rival

On this day, Dec. 4, in 1933, Chicago gangster Roger “The Terrible” Touhy was arrested, having been framed for the kidnapping of gangster John “Jake the Barber” Factor.

Roger "The Terrible" Touhy

Roger “The Terrible” Touhy

A bootlegger during the Prohibition-era, Roger “The Terrible” Touhy and his brothers sold illegal alcohol in Chicago’s northside, ran a loan shark business and supplied beer to notorious mob boss Al Capone.

Touhy soon became a problem for Capone, and was eventually framed for the kidnapping of conman Jake Factor, the brother of cosmetics mogul Max Factor Sr.

Touhy was convicted and sentenced to 99-years in prison. He served 26 years in prison before a federal judge overturned the conviction on the grounds that Factor and Capone had arranged the kidnapping.

Twenty-two days after his release from prison, Touhy and his bodyguard were gunned down by hit men.

While Touhy lay bleeding, he muttered, “I’ve been expecting it. The bastards never forget!”

— Scott McCabe 


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