Crime History, Dec. 10, 2001: Va. scientist found dead in vampire sword slaying

On this day, Dec. 10 in 2001, prominent scientist Robert Schwartz was found stabbed to death in a Loudoun County farmhouse, a slaying that grew from a role-playing game orchestrated by his daughter.

Clara Schwatz

Clara Schwatz

Clara Schwartz, 21, a James Madison University student, and her boyfriend were obsessed with dragons and vampires.

Schwartz and her friends engaged in a fantasy game called “Underworld,” in which Clara Schwartz’s character, “Lord Chaos,” asked Kyle Hulbert’s character, a vampire, to assassinate her father.

Schwartz was a nationally renowned scientist in the field of biometrics and DNA research, and was a founding member of the Virginia Biotechnology Association.

He was alone in his Leesburg home on the night of Dec. 8, when Hulbert, 18, attacked him with a 27-inch sword. He was found two days later. He had been stabbed 50 times.

Kyle Hulbert

Kyle Hulbert

Carved into Schwartz’s neck was an “X,” indicating a ritualistic killing. Clara Schwartz admitted to complaining to friends about her father, but said she never planned his murder.

During the trail, prosecutors argued that Clara Schwartz hated her father for a long time, and that after failing to enlist her friend to kill her father, she convinced Hulbert to do the killing.

Hulbert was sentenced to life. Schwartz received 48 years.

— Scott McCabe


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