The Crime Scene: Wife charged in soldier’s death; off-duty cop shoots would-be thief; and ‘The Wire’ used to teach students

Marquita Berry-Sutton, of Laurel, is charged in her husband's murder.

Marquita Berry-Sutton, of Laurel, is charged in the murder of her husband, a member of the U.S. Army.

Want to learn criminal law? Watch ‘The Wire’ (Wall Street Journal)

Writing about gangsters, as far back as he can remember (The New York Times)

After turning himself in, a Maryland fugitive reclaims a past he left behind 33 years ago (Washington Post)

Mother gives birth one year after father allegedly drowned first son in bathtub (Washington Post)

Laurel woman is charged in her husband’s stabbing death (CBSDC)

Off-duty D.C. police officer shoots would-be burglar (Fox5)

Colbert King: Who’s policing the D.C. police? (Washington Post)

Fairfax man had $10,000 in counterfeit money (NBC4)

Man slips on ice, drowns in Centennial Lake (WTOP)

Public hearing to discuss Wilson Pool sex abuse allegations (WJLA)

D.C. man believes he was latest film of ‘knockout’ game (WJLA)

D.C. police arrest juvenile in Salvation Army break-in (Associated Press)

Aspiring med student sentenced in hacking plot to change grades (Washington Post)


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