Crime History, Dec. 18, 1991: ‘Texas Eyeball Killer’ convicted in slaying of prostitutes

On this day, Dec. 18, in 1991, Charles Albright, the so-called “Texas Eyeball Killer,” was convicted of murdering three prostitutes.

Charles Albright

Charles Albright

The killings began in December 1990. Dallas prostitute Mary Lou Pratt was found dead with a .44-caliber gunshot wound to the head. When the medical examiner lifted the 33-year-old victim’s eyelids, her eyes were missing. They had been surgically removed.

In the next four months, two more prostitutes were found dead with carved-out eyes. One of the women was a friend of Pratt’s who had called police saying she had information about the killer, but she was never able to reveal what that was.

Police got a break when Albright’s girlfriend called the detectives saying she broke off the relationship because of his obsession with her eyes and knives.

This “Texas Eyeball Killer” turned out to be Albright, a former high school science teacher with a background in taxidermy.

Police searched Albright’s home and found a collection of books on serial killers, Nazi literature, a. 44-caliber gun, surgical knives and a doll collection that had eyeless masks.

A jury found Albright guilty of all three murders. He was sentenced to life in prison.

– Scott McCabe



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