First Md. prison officer sentenced in massive prison gang drug smuggling conspiracy

A former Maryland prison officer was sentenced to more than 3 years in prison Wednesday for her role in helping a violent prison gang smuggle drugs and other contraband into Baltimore County jails.

Adrena Rice (Facebook)

Adrena Rice (Facebook)

Adrena Rice, 25, is the first guard to be sentenced since the federal racketeering investigation into the Black Guerilla Family gang. Ten men and 15 women were accused of smuggling contraband into the Maryland jails and using the proceeds to buy luxury cars, diamond rings and pay for gang activities outside the prison walls.

At least four female guards had been impregnated by BGF leader Tavon White, 36. Rice was not one of the female guards who had a baby by White.

According to her plea, Rice frequently smuggled contraband, including marijuana and prescription pills, into the Baltimore City Detention Center for White.

White was caught on tape telling Rice his position in the gang.

“I hold the highest seat you can get….My word is law…so if I told any mother-f—— body they had to do this, hit a police, do this, kill a mother-f——, do anything, it got to get done. Period.”

White, 36, pleaded guilty to running a the widespread racketeering scheme. He was scheduled to be sentenced in February.


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