Teacher accused of assaulting female co-workers, false imprisonment

A 37-year-old Montgomery County science teacher was charged Wednesday with assaulting three female coworkers and falsely imprisoning one of the women.

Walter Bowman

Walter Bowman

Walter Stafon Bownman, 37, who taught at Briggs Chaney Middle School, at 1901 Rainbow Drive in Silver Spring, was arrested Wednesday morning.

Detective began to investigate Jan. 6. The first victim said that she was assaulted twice in August.  During the first incident, Bowman entered the office unannounced and placed his hands on her shoulders. In the second incident, the victim was seated in an office when something caught her attention.  When she turned around, and Bowman placed the victim in a “bear hug” and began to laugh.  The woman broke free from Bowman and began screaming.

The second victim told detectives that she was assaulted in her classroom in September.  Bowman entered the classroom while the victim had her back turned away from the door.  She felt something touch her ankle and observed Bowman, who was laughing, crouched on the floor.

The third victim stated that in September of 2013, Bowman approached her from behind and grabbed her around the waist.  Startled, she turned around and saw Bowman laughing.

Bowman was charged with three counts of second degree assault for unwanted physical contact with three coworkers.  He was also charged with one count of false imprisonment.

Detectives believe there may be additional victims of Bowman’s inappropriate and criminal conduct at the school and are asking anyone who believes they have been victimized to please call 4th District Investigators at 240-773-5530.  At this time, investigators have no knowledge or evidence of inappropriate or unwanted contact between Bowman and students.


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