Former Md. cop pleads guilty to pimping teen wife

A former Baltimore Police officer pleaded guilty Wednesday to prostituting his 19-year-old wife and another teenager who lived with him.

According to prosecutors, between February 2013 and May 2013, the officer’s prostitution business serviced more than 300 customers.

Lamin Manneh

Lamin Manneh

Lamin Manneh, 32, of Baltimore, pleaded guilty to traveling across state lines and using a telephone and Internet to operate a prostitution business. Manneh faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison, followed by up to lifetime of supervised release, for operating a prostitution business.

In charging documents, prosecutors said his wife had entered into a “contract of slavery” with him and agreed to be subservient to him as her “master.”

Manneh posted more than 50 advertisements for the 19-year-old prostitutes on various web sites; rented an apartment and hotel rooms; and drove the teenagers to perform sex acts at residences or hotel rooms.

The former police officer provided the women with cell phones and taught them to how to talk to clients, according to the indictment. He waited outside the rooms while the women were with the clients, and carried his police-issued firearm and provided the women with synthetic marijuana.

Manneh collected all his wife’s earnings and a percentage of the other woman’s prostitution earnings.

Baltimore Police said Manneh had just graduated from the academy and was still on probationary status at the time of his arrest.



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