D.C. police seek suspects in armed robbery at ATM

D.C. police are investigating an armed robbery outside a bank in Southeast Washington, and they are asking the public for information that can help identify the suspects.

Shortly after 8 p.m., Jan. 19, a car pulled up to the drive-thru ATM outside at the PNC Bank at 4001 South Capitol Street SE and was approached from behind by two suspects. Both men were wearing dark North Face jackets and were armed with handguns.

Surveillance video shows one of the men reaching into at the driver’s window and forcing the driver to withdrawal money from the ATM.

The suspects are described black males, about 18 to 23 years of age, 5-foot-9 to 6-foot-tall with slim builds.

Police are offering a reward up to $10,000 for information that leads to an conviction in this case. Anyone who can identify these individuals or who has knowledge of this incident can call police at (202) 727-9099 or text your tip to the department’s text tip line at 50411.




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    If you see someone walking in the drive-thru ATM lane, cancel the transaction and get moving forward or in reverse.

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  3. Few things I do when at the ATM to avoid this:
    1. Carry a gun (this is DC though)
    2. Pull your car close to the ATM
    3. Keep your car in drive, foot on the break, This allows you to punch the gas and not get stuck in a bad situation.
    4. Check all three mirrors constantly.
    5. Don’t go to back alley ATM’s in the dark of night. #derp
    6. Check for suspicious people prior to using the ATM.

    Awareness is everything in these situations, this person was oblivious.

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