Police: Columbia Mall shooter apologizes before deadly rampage

Darion Aguilar, the Columbia Mall shooter who killed two people before taking his own life Saturday, wrote about hating and killing others in his journal before going on his rampage, authorities said.

Howard County Police are releasing more details about the mental state of a 19-year-old Aguilar, who kept a journal at his College Park home for more than a year.

Darion Marcus Aguilar

Darion Marcus Aguilar

Police are reviewing the entries in search of clues to help explain why Aguilar shot and killed Brianna Benlolo, 21, also of College Park, and Tyler Johnson, 25, of Mount Airy.

Detectives have said the shooter had “no known relationship” with Benlolo and Johnson, who both worked at the mall’s Zumiez skateboard shop where Aguilar often frequented.

In the writings, Aguilar said he hates people, and expressed thoughts of wanting to die and being ready to die, police said.

Aguilar mentions some sort of plan, and apologizes to him family, police said.

Aguilar wrote that he needed mental health help, but never told his family, police said.

Officials said they can’t be more specific on journal because they want to get independent information from witnesses about Aguilar, and not information that potential witnesses might have heard in the news.

Police believe the teenager entered with the mall with a disassembled shot gun inside his backpack, then put it together in the Zumiez locker room. He stepped out into the store, shot Benlolo and Johnson. At some point he exits the store, shots a 49-year-old Hanover woman in the foot, then returns to the store and killed himself.

He was dead by the time the officers arrived less than two minutes after the first 911 call.

The Zumiez store at the mall does not have video cameras, so there’s no footage of the actual shootings taking place inside the store, police said.

Prince George’s County Police released its missing person’s

Anyone who knew Aguilar is asked to call police at 410-313-3200 so that they can learn more about the shooter.



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