Baltimore cop charged with killing, photographing girlfriend’s puppy in Silver Spring

A Baltimore city police officer has been accused of killing a puppy, taking a photo of its lifeless body and tossing it into a Dumpster.

Alec Eugene Taylor,  27, of the 13800 block of Castle Boulevard in Silver Spring, was arrested Wednesday on  aggravated animal cruelty, and abuse of an animal.

Taylor is a five-year veteran of the Baltimore City Police force. He has been suspended without pay, according to a statement from the police department.

“Allegations of animal cruelty are taken seriously by the Baltimore Police Department,” according to the release.

Alec Eugene Taylor

Alec Eugene Taylor

According to Montgomery County Police, Taylor sent a message to his girlfriend Friday saying that the 7-month-old dog, a Jack Russell Terrier named Rocko, had gone to the bathroom on the carpet and that he had killed the puppy.

He then sent a photo of the lifeless puppy.

In a follow-up phone call, Taylor said that he was tired of cleaning up the dog’s defecation, police said. He said had beaten the dog to death with a mop, and placed it in a trash bin in the parking lot.

The girlfriend asked the officer to take Rocko out of the trash bin so she could give him a proper burial. When she came home, she found the dog dead inside a shoe box on the apartment balcony, then buried the dog at a Hyattsville park.

Police found the buried dog, and a necropsy showed that the dog the likely died as acute hemorrhagic shock likely due to blood loss from liver damage caused by blunt force trauma.

He told investigators he used a mop to force Rocko from behind the dryer and then used his hands to choke Rocko until he was dead, police say.

— Scott McCabe



  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    hope this guy doesn’t have children

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  3. I would like the dog to be alive. Then, I want the dog to kill this jerk.

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