Naked woman arrested trying to visit husband in jail, police said

Maura Fussell

Maura Fussell

A 26-year-old woman was arrested after police said she showed up to jail naked and drunk.

According to Arlington County Police, the woman, 26-year-old Maura Fussell, of Reston, arrived at the magistrate’s office Saturday evening to visit her husband, who had been arrested in Clarendon early in the day.

When the officers told her she had to put clothes on or get in a cab and go home, she refused. Police arrested Fussell with indecent exposure and being drunk in public. She was held at the jail until she sobered up, police said.



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  2. Drunk and naked? Isn’t that considered ‘normal activity’ inside the DC area?

  3. Maybe she just wanted to make sure he would recognize her?

  4. Remember kids, Alcohol is the socially acceptable drug.

  5. Democrat No Doubt

  6. Get – in – a – cab OR put your clothes on? Really?

  7. This story is useless without more pictures……

  8. a caged naked drunk woman, very interesting….

  9. This arrest was UNCALLED FOR. Fussell is obviously a liberal who was simply exercising her freedom of expression, and who believes that if it feels good, she should do it.

  10. Hmmm.. Stupid, drunk (probably fat) white woman in DC wanting to visit her “husband” in jail. Any guess as to the “husband”?

  11. I hate when that happens!

  12. poguesheridan says:

    My kind of gal!

  13. The good ones are always taken. Sigh.

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